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Are You Sick & Tired of Never Reaching Your Fitness Goals and Always Regaining Weight?

Take Action & Get Real Results with a Body, Mind & Spirit Transformation Process, and a LIVE 21-Day “Clean-Eating” Detox Event!



Ready to Finally Find the Answer?

Hi, my name is Forrest Folen, and I know firsthand how hard it can be to truly take charge of your life, and become the very best version of yourself.

For years, I hid behind fast foods, drugs and alcohol. I was alone and depressed, stuck in a downward spiral. Eventually I hit rock bottom. pushing away my family and friends, and winding up homeless, living from couch to couch.

Luckily, my grandmother was finally able to get through to me with these words:
“Forrest, take care of your body. If you take care of your body, your body will take care of your mind. And your mind will take care of your life”.

That sparked me and changed my world forever. Today, I have 14 years or experience with fitness boot camp. and total body, mind and life transformations, and I’m ready to share my experience with you.

Feel 100% Better in Body , Mind & Spirit as You Get Toned, Lose Weight, and Gain Energy Back

I’m one of a whole team of Coaches at the way of Life Boot Camp, along with  expert fitness and life Coach Anthony Steel, and several others who’ve all gone through transformations that were life-changing. We know how you feel. We’ve been there.

From our experience it takes an understanding of the emotional ups and downs and the mindset behind the strategies to lose weight and keep it off. Mindset is everything.

Each of us went through part of our lives being toxic, and almost losing it all. But all of us had a rebirth by getting healthy. Now, we want to help you achieve your own miraculous rebirth and turnaround – with a body, mind and spirit transformation which can and will produce real results, and help you feel like “you” again.

You’ll look and feel at your best, and enjoy more self-confidence and energy. You’ll be healthy, and you’ll learn how to maintain your new lifestyle over the long haul.

Forget About Information – Take Action & Create Results!

Information can be found anywhere. So can misinformation, for that matter. That’s why we’re not just about information. We’re about taking action and creating results!

You’re not getting a “diet plan” – you’re being led through a transformation process and a live 21-day event which will change your life!

Achieve Amazing Results with Our Boot Camp & Weight Loss Detox:

Testimonial Picture of Will F. (1)
Testimonial Picture of Will F. (2)
“21 days makes a world of difference”

Detox….never would I think I could do it. I ate junk and more junk. Mental discipline is a must. During the detox you hit milestones to attain goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or just to feel better, the detox works and it makes you learn about yourself. I achieved all three of those goals. 21 days makes a world of difference. 2 years later I still apply a lot of the things I learned then to my life now. Results happen….gotta believe!

Will F.
Testimonial Picture of Dera M. (1)
Testimonial Picture of Dera M. (2)
“I’m an improved person, mind, body and spirit!”

If you’re a food junkie like me, then this is the detox plan for you! This plan is so easy to follow and you will see results, not only with your body, but your energy level will improve and the best part is your taste buds also get a restart! This plan works because there are so many food options for clean eating. I was never hungry. It was exactly the jump start I needed to live a healthier lifestyle. I’m an improved person, mind, body and spirit! Thank you WOL!

Dera M.

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The Way Of Life Boot Camp 21-Day Detox will give you the education, tools, and support you need:

  • challenge-manual
  • 50-page Detox Manual
    • Quick-start Guide, Grocery list & Recipes to make your life simple
  • 6-part Video Detox Seminar
  • Way of Life Boot Camp Workout Videos*
  • Before and After Photos
  • Private Facebook Group (you’ll have access to our amazing, would-wide community and the Way of Life coaches!)
  • BONUS: 21 Daily e-mail Tips
  • BONUS: Mindset Training Videos
  • BONUS; 2 Live Teleseminars
  • And a few other things we’re cooking up for you…

*Optional membership site provides you with unlimited access to the Way of Life Boot Camp workout videos, mindset strategies, fat loss tips and tricks, the 14-day Fat Furnace Plane, weekly accountability weigh-in tracking, AND MORE.