The NEW Way Of Life 21-Day Detox Challenge is finally here!

I can’t believe the NEW Way Of Life 21-Day Detox Challenge is finally here!


We’ve come a long ways since we first started doing the detox challenge over 3 years ago.

Now, it’s way more than just a nutrition program or “clean eating” challenge.

The Way Of Life 21-Day Detox Challenge has evolved.

We’ve now added 21 days of mindset videos, we now have a whole team of coaches in our private Facebook group page, we now have a vegetarian recipe book (or you can do the detox with meats)!

…and that’s not all, we’ve got a secured portal for you to receive ongoing training and to upload your before and after photos and measurements, 21 days of e-mail tips, and we’re even giving away an iPad to the winner!

Yes, the NEW Way Of Life 21-Day Detox is here, and it’s just going to keep getting better.

And as I think back to our roots.  Back to when we first began doing the detox challenge here in Oceanside, Ca, I think back to Debra W.

Debra was the first to show us it was possible to lose a full 21 pounds during the detox.

Twenty-one pounds in just 21 days!

I almost couldn’t believe it the first time Debra came to us with that result.

It seemed impossible.

How could someone lose 21 pounds in just 21 days?

That’s a pound a day!!

…But that’s the power of de-toxifying the body.

Will everyone lose 21 pounds?  No.

Is it possible?  YES!

However, even if you lose 4 or 5 pounds in 3 weeks, the energy that you’ll gain is far more important than any number on the scale.

But it’s motivating to know that these kinds of results ARE POSSIBLE, RIGHT?

Here’s a video of Debra W.

The best thing to do is to hear directly from her, someone who was scared to jump in “eat healthy”.

If Debra can do it, SO CAN YOU!

The NEXT Way Of Life 21-Day Detox Challenge starts October 12th, 2015!!


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