Join Lisa Nichols in our next 21-Day Detox World Wide Event!


Have you ever considered a transformation that involved your body, your wellness, your health AND your finances all at the same time?

Well, neither had I until I discovered Lisa Nichols newest transformation program – Fit, Fine, and Fab.

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For the longest time, we at Way Of Life Boot Camp have challenged the status quo on what fitness is really about.  We believe fitness isn’t some image on the cover of a magazine.  It’s much more than what’s on the surface.

Fitness to us is an ENERGY.  Fitness is strengthening the body, mind, and spirit to live a better life.  Fitness is a path, a journey – a ‘way of life’.

So for us to now be involved in the Fit, Fine, and Fab movement with Lisa Nichols and her team at Motivating The Masses, we are honored and thrilled, but not surprised because it’s this very idea of health on ALL levels that we feel needs to be the conversation.

Coach Anthony Steel and I are in a place now where we are ready to have the disruptive conversation of getting real with people.  We want to surpass the stereotypes of what people think fitness is and let people know that fitness isn’t for meat heads and physique models, fitness is for everybody, or more accurately fitness is for EVERY BODY.

Now, starting in March Fit, Fine, and Fab is joining us, the Way Of Life Boot Camp in our world-wide 21-Day Detox event, and it’s going to be incredible to say the least.

For some, this will be a chance to re-focus their healthy habits, and for others this will be the first time they’ve ever really gone ALL IN with their health.

The Way Of Life 21-Day Detox is a clean-eating challenge designed to help people gain energy, release weight, drop the bloat, and create healthy habits that last far beyond the initial 21 days.


What makes this detox different is:

1) It’s whole foods with NO calorie counting (which means it’s NOT a crash-diet or starvation diet), and

2) We train the most important part of healthy habits that most programs overlook – the MINDSET for success.


Here’s a very powerful testimony, and to tell you the truth, a raw look inside the experience of Dalia, who was had traveled the detox journey and made it past some challenging health and mindset obstacles.

So now we are going to do this detox together with the Lisa Nichols and the Fit, Fine, and Fab community and I want YOU to join us!

All you have to do is go to www.wayoflife21daydetox.com/lisa and choose the 7, 14, or 21 day option. (Enrollment is March 1st through March 5th, 2017).  Use promo code: FITFINEFAB to save $100!

The program is ALL 100% online, so you can join from anywhere in the world.

Watch this pre-recorded, LIVE Facebook video to get more details:

Join the first 2017 DETOX NOW!

This NEW YEAR came around fast, didn’t it?


Well, ready or not, it’s here.

…and you’re either going to move forward and get re-focused on your health and fitness goals or your not.

If you’re in, then all you have to do is go to this link and register for the orientation on January 7th, and we’ll see you there!


FREE GIVE-A-WAY: Claim your 50-Page Detox Manual for the next 3 days only!

FREE GIVE-A-WAY: Claim your 50-Page Detox Manual for the next 3 days only!

Today we have a really cool, FREE GIVE-A-WAY for you!

We’re actually giving away our 50-Page Way Of Life 21-Day Detox manual absolutely FREE but just for the next 3 days leading up to our next 21-Day Detox Challenge which starts on February 22, 2016!

All we ask in return for your FREE GIFT is that you forward this blog post to a friend, and/or share it on Facebook or Twitter or your favorite social media…that’s it!  Thanks in advance!

We recorded this video to explain what you’ll find inside the manual, check it out!
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  red arrow point down         Also, here are some screen shots of what you’ll find in the manual… You can download our Way Of Life 21-Day Detox 50-page manual free right here for the next 14-days leading up to the February 22nd, 2016 detox!   Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.25.01 AM                    Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.25.26 AMWe’ve LOADED the 21-Day Detox manual with tons of information, templates, recipes, before and after pics, and a whole lot more!Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.25.49 AM

TAKE THE TOXICITY QUIZ! Is your toxicity level preventing you from burning fat?

Question for you…

Do you feel you have a slow metabolism?

Are you the type of person who can eat everything under the sun and not gain a pound?

…Or are you the type of person who just looks at a cupcake and the scale goes up?!

Maybe you’re somewhere in between?


If you’re ready, here’s all you need to do to find out if you’re body is too toxic to burn fat!

Take the quiz, here:


Prasad wins our 21-Day Detox Challenge, and hits our new record by losing 7% body fat in just 21 days!!

Prasad wins our 21-Day Detox Challenge, and hits our new record by losing 7% body fat in just 21 days!!

We are very pleased to announce our first winner of our Way Of Life 21-Day Detox 2.0 version, Prasad!!


Coach Mandy showing off Prasad’s fitness journey as it looks on paper! Yes, big smiles indeed!!

Great work, Prasad!  Not only did you lose 8 lbs, you also have the NEW RECORD of most body fat % drop in 21 days…you dropped 7% body fat!  Wow!!

When Prasad first started training at the Way Of Life Boot Camp in Oceanside, Ca, he was at 27% body fat.  Today he is at a very healthy 16%.  He used the 21-Day Detox to amplify the results he was getting in his fitness program, and it worked!

Here’s a video of Prasad and how he got EASY results from our recent 21-Day Detox!

The NEXT 21-Day Detox starts January 18th, 2016!!


The NEW Way Of Life 21-Day Detox Challenge is finally here!

The NEW Way Of Life 21-Day Detox Challenge is finally here!

I can’t believe the NEW Way Of Life 21-Day Detox Challenge is finally here!


We’ve come a long ways since we first started doing the detox challenge over 3 years ago.

Now, it’s way more than just a nutrition program or “clean eating” challenge.

The Way Of Life 21-Day Detox Challenge has evolved.

We’ve now added 21 days of mindset videos, we now have a whole team of coaches in our private Facebook group page, we now have a vegetarian recipe book (or you can do the detox with meats)!

…and that’s not all, we’ve got a secured portal for you to receive ongoing training and to upload your before and after photos and measurements, 21 days of e-mail tips, and we’re even giving away an iPad to the winner!

Yes, the NEW Way Of Life 21-Day Detox is here, and it’s just going to keep getting better.

And as I think back to our roots.  Back to when we first began doing the detox challenge here in Oceanside, Ca, I think back to Debra W.

Debra was the first to show us it was possible to lose a full 21 pounds during the detox.

Twenty-one pounds in just 21 days!

I almost couldn’t believe it the first time Debra came to us with that result.

It seemed impossible.

How could someone lose 21 pounds in just 21 days?

That’s a pound a day!!

…But that’s the power of de-toxifying the body.

Will everyone lose 21 pounds?  No.

Is it possible?  YES!

However, even if you lose 4 or 5 pounds in 3 weeks, the energy that you’ll gain is far more important than any number on the scale.

But it’s motivating to know that these kinds of results ARE POSSIBLE, RIGHT?

Here’s a video of Debra W.

The best thing to do is to hear directly from her, someone who was scared to jump in “eat healthy”.

If Debra can do it, SO CAN YOU!

The NEXT Way Of Life 21-Day Detox Challenge starts October 12th, 2015!!